Spending Money in Hong Kong

March 6, 2012 § 2 Comments

There’s something about reading good blogging that inspires me to do some writing of my own. In this case, I recently spent some time perusing Manhattan Nest (as well as his BF’s blog), and I feel inclined to do some updating on my own life, if only so I can later reflect on my adventures in Hong Kong. (I’ve also changed my blog theme to improve readability!)

While abroad, I’ve kept stringent records of all my expenses, even purchases as small as 90¢ for a carton of soymilk at 7-11. As far as non-food purchases go, I’ve bought an assortment of things, some that were outlined in a previous post, and mostly beauty/skincare-related because now, at the ripe age of 22, I should probably start getting concerned with such things. So please join me on a little photo journey that will be split into a few different categories.

First up: Non-Food!

It was so chilly these past two months, so I was on the hunt for sweaters & cardigans. I found this one for less than $15US at Argyle, which is a mall stuffed with hundreds of small shops and hundreds of hundreds of small teenagers any given day. The tag said Zara, which caught my eye; it only came in one size, which was not labeled and looked tiny, but the fabric was comfy and it had little pastel rainbow buttons(!!!), so I couldn’t resist. At the moment, a seam is coming apart, splitting the end of the left sleeve like a snake’s tongue.

Probably a knock-off.

Before coming to Hong Kong, I ordered a universal adapter from Amazon because the plug on my travel hair dryer wouldn’t fit into the two HK-specific adapters I already had. Within a week of coming to Hong Kong, the thing stopped working. As you can see, the plastic had started melting or something…in any case, I had to buy a new adapter. This photo is technically not something I bought in HK (though it did force me to buy other things), but I wanted to show you how this piece of junk broke anyway.

The prongs won’t go fully in or out; they’re just stuck halfway (after I tried to shove them back in).

Next up are some tights. Tights are hugely popular in Asia, and they’re also fantastically cheap compared to the US, where you probably can’t find a halfway decent pair for less than $10. These were all less than $3US each.

The pink ones are totally my new favorite

I enjoy reading noted Singaporean blogger Xiaxue, and after reading about Hada Labo (apparently Japan’s #1 moisturizing face toner), I decided it would be my first skincare purchase. I’ve been using it every night and I like it so far! Apparently even amid Asia’s pervasive humidity, moisturizing one’s face is of utmost importance. I’ll definitely buy more before I go back to the States! (I’m very thankful for the Asian bloggers who write in English because otherwise I would not be able to interpret anything on many Chinese/Japanese/Korean products.)

In Asia, “lotion” = what Americans know as toner

My coworker gave me this facial mask when she came back from a trip to South Korea. I’m still a facial mask newbie, but this was definitely the best one I’ve tried so far. The mask was dripping with serum and made of very thin material, which helped it stay on my face without slipping.

Awesome citrus scent!

During my day trip to Tuen Mun, I happened upon this Hello Kitty shower cap, which I OBVIOUSLY had to buy. (So cheap! Only $10HK!) I’m saving it for back when I get to the States because the dingy bathroom I have here in HK is unworthy of such cuteness. And if you think shower caps are only for old ladies, you’ve clearly never had more than 12 inches of hair. (Or you’re a crazy person who likes to waste time & water…)

I might also pick up a Rilakkuma one I saw at another shop…

While shopping at Muji one day (pretty much the place to buy colorful ink pens), I impulsively purchased a small screwdriver set. Who doesn’t need miniature tools?? My glasses had actually been feeling rather loose, so these worked perfectly.

Can be attached to the handle vertically or horizontally!

To feed my burgeoning need, I decided to buy more masks. I’ll probably have to stock up before going home because after her December trip to China, mother also started getting into these things…and took all the ones that CZ bought for me from Beijing LOL. Sophie Monk masks come with ear hooks and a chin strap so that the thing really stays on your face.

But why must all important info be in Japanese????

Because of her undying loyalty to this brand, Xiaxue influenced my next purchase, which I made because 1. the Garnier moisturizer I brought felt too heavy on my face, and 2. the Amino Mineral Refreshing Gel came with a free mini face wash!

Say yes to free-ish things.

I also bought some more facial masks from Groupon HK, which will probably get its own post in the future because man have I spent a lot of money on Groupons in Hong Kong LOL. Tonymoly is a Korean brand, and these were pretty similar to the Innisfree mask I tried previously.

I can feel my skin stabilizing already

Last one for today is something I’ve seen around but haven’t felt called to buy quite yet…

Yes, lamb placenta. It’s actually a thing. An expensive thing!!

To be continued!


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