Skin Laundry NYC Review

May 3, 2015 § Leave a comment


I first read about Skin Laundry right before they opened in Flatiron; it was also right around the time I was lamenting the lack of high-tech skin solutions in the U.S. (or just New York?). It seemed like Asian countries have new treatments popping up all the time — Thermage, IPL, etc. — whereas Americans were content to stick with our drugstore brands while glomming on to Korean fads and occasionally getting high-end facials* if you’re rich.

Even if these new-age treatments are available in the States, I feel like they’re so rarely written about or treated as a regular part of the skincare regimen. It’s simply a different culture.

Anyway, I was mostly ready to jump on Skin Laundry’s wagon. The company, which started in LA, offers only one treatment: the signature 10-minute laser facial. In short, you get two doses of lasers to clean out your pores, then one dose of IPL (intense pulsed light) to even skin tone and stimulate collagen.

I was skeptical at first because every review I read about Skin Laundry sounded like effusive advertorial. The Yelp reviews for their other locations were marginally more helpful. The only semi-skeptical piece I could find about it was on LATimes.

Still, I went ahead and tried it, mostly because I managed to get my first treatment free when I RSVPed to their grand opening in March.

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I’m A Bar Soap Convert

July 31, 2013 § 5 Comments

Edit: For anyone coming across this blog post because you searched “how to use bar soap in the shower,” get yourself one of these Muji sponge soap holders. I’ve had mine for years (recommended by my friend Daren) and I’ll love it forever.

As someone who grew up using only liquid soap, I used to think that people who used bar soap were either poor frugal or didn’t care about household maintenance (ie. undergraduate males). Although a fresh bar of Dove soap can look and smell so welcoming, I knew it wouldn’t be long until it was covered in grimy, tepid water. Ew.

For Christmas last year, Xixi gave me a big bar of soap from some fancy place in Chicago, and I was determined not to use it until I could do so properly (I didn’t even bring it to New York with me…sorry! Will retrieve it next time!). Soap dishes just get so gross with residue! I’m still waiting for someone to manufacture a bar soap grater.

Liquid soap has always been the superior choice to me for that reason. It’s easy to use and you don’t have to worry about it jumping out of your hands or generally looking nasty. My mother keeps a stockpile of Bath & Body Works products in her closet, and it’s a small source of joy when I visit home to wash my hands with those colorful, fragrant soaps containing mysterious blue granules (seriously, what ARE those?).

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Spending Money in Hong Kong

March 6, 2012 § 2 Comments

There’s something about reading good blogging that inspires me to do some writing of my own. In this case, I recently spent some time perusing Manhattan Nest (as well as his BF’s blog), and I feel inclined to do some updating on my own life, if only so I can later reflect on my adventures in Hong Kong. (I’ve also changed my blog theme to improve readability!)

While abroad, I’ve kept stringent records of all my expenses, even purchases as small as 90¢ for a carton of soymilk at 7-11. As far as non-food purchases go, I’ve bought an assortment of things, some that were outlined in a previous post, and mostly beauty/skincare-related because now, at the ripe age of 22, I should probably start getting concerned with such things. So please join me on a little photo journey that will be split into a few different categories.

First up: Non-Food!

It was so chilly these past two months, so I was on the hunt for sweaters & cardigans. I found this one for less than $15US at Argyle, which is a mall stuffed with hundreds of small shops and hundreds of hundreds of small teenagers any given day. The tag said Zara, which caught my eye; it only came in one size, which was not labeled and looked tiny, but the fabric was comfy and it had little pastel rainbow buttons(!!!), so I couldn’t resist. At the moment, a seam is coming apart, splitting the end of the left sleeve like a snake’s tongue.

Probably a knock-off.

Before coming to Hong Kong, I ordered a universal adapter from Amazon because the plug on my travel hair dryer wouldn’t fit into the two HK-specific adapters I already had. Within a week of coming to Hong Kong, the thing stopped working. As you can see, the plastic had started melting or something…in any case, I had to buy a new adapter. This photo is technically not something I bought in HK (though it did force me to buy other things), but I wanted to show you how this piece of junk broke anyway.

The prongs won’t go fully in or out; they’re just stuck halfway (after I tried to shove them back in).

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