That’s Why They Call It The Blues

April 24, 2009 § Leave a comment

The summer before college, I heard the term “sophomore blues” at large group during the night dedicated to preparing us graduated seniors for university life. The meaning of the phrase that I procured was based on the fact that freshmen get babied by older students and courted by just about every campus organization. The next year, nobody really cares about you anymore. Classes become significantly harder, especially when one is switching majors on a weekly basis, and people expect you to fend for yourself.

Roomie #1 and I have both encountered sophomore blues this year, which led us to have many, many conversations about the past, ranging from childhood to high school, anything to escape the unexpected hell of the present.

I would have to say this school year sucked more than the last one. What with adopting literal nocturnal habits [I am REALLY good at staying up until sunrise now], a 7-8lb weight gain, and being more cut off from friends because of increasing school work, I would definitely not like to relive sophomore year.



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