Ask Me What It Was Like

April 26, 2009 § 1 Comment

More choice excerpts from old emails.

12.7.05 — me to J

way to NOT respond to my email pooface [never been his strong point. ever.]

don’t make fun of my butt! Just cuz it’s not flabby like SOME ppl’s — …

12.7.05 — J to me

and yes..i wasnt making fun of your butt….i
was..complementing it…i love your butt
laura..O_o….lol..sigh..disregard that totally

Frankly, I don’t remember ever holding email conversations with him that year. But then I went forward a few emails and saw this:

12.11.05 — Cranberry to me

when I got home, my mother asked me why I havent been talking to you as much recently.  You know… I… I really… it really… stung.  A lot.  And really… it made so little sense to me.  I mean… something happens and we suddenly cant stand each other?  No… I said that we would always be friends… let’s keep it that way… please.

12.12.05 — me to Cranberry

Hmm well thanks for taking the initiative to email. I suppose with everything it’s just easier (for me at least) to forget that we were ever friends … which sounds harsh but … yes. And I must admit that speaking to you is a bit awkward as of late. However, I do recall a vow to stay friends, which would be good to uphold otherwise all would go to waste.

Oh. Well. I suppose at that point, I was reaching out to anybody else.

Why is staying friends so difficult?

I hate reading the emails between me and J, whether old or new. One day it may reach the happy-nostalgia status, one day being years from now, of course.


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