Why Did I Fall In Love With You?

June 19, 2009 § 2 Comments

One reason I like listening to foreign music is because I can freely imagine what the lyrics say based on how the song sounds, but sometimes the actual lyrics speak my thoughts just as well.

Truly Awesome

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Since last year’s election was the first one in which I was able to participate, Barack Obama is the first president that I really know anything about.

Now let’s talk about the intense hatred I have for insects. Last Friday when I was drying my hair in the bathroom, I noticed a fat fly buzzing around. I quickly closed the bathroom door, trapping the unfortunate bug with me. It flew around frantically as if it had foreseen its impending doom. I opened the blinds, since flies love crawling around on windows, and waited for it to land there. When it did, I smacked it with a little notepad that was in the door and picked it up off the floor with some toilet paper, disposing of its remains in the garbage can. I felt the thrill of victory.

I was delighted to see today that ninja-like reflexes [when it comes to exterminating annoying insects] are something that President Obama and I have in common:

Shoes Off In The House

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Unless I’m dead tired, it’s pretty easy to make me laugh in the wee hours of the night. This is simply a delight, especially considering how repetitive and stupid the original song is [and how much I love parodies]:

Shoes In Asian Homes

Somebody spread the word, please: living with an Asian person usually means that shoes come off at the door. It hasn’t been easy these past two years at college, living with Roomie #1 and #2, who are both white and do not come from families where shoe removal is required.

I laughed at the first appearance of the two ripped guys in tank tops [0:32] — totally unexpected, and they look so serious! That definitely drew me in [yum Asian boys with big guns]. Then I could not stop laughing at 2:45 during the little interlude; such shenanigans are reminiscent of the Back Dorm Boys. The one in the black tank top [is it okay for me to call it that? I don’t like the term “wifebeater”] is really cute, which makes me happy that there are more videos! This one is also hilarious:

Asian Boy Just Wanna Eat Rice

Their dancing/hip thrusting reduces me to LOLs every time. Also, why does the one in the grey shirt look so unnaturally orange when he eats rice?

Lovin’ You Is Cherry Pie

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I thought about putting this video up on my other blog, but since it’s not an official music video [the release date for that is June 3 & I’m waiting breathlessly], it belongs here instead. Besides, I’ve already blathered on and on about my love for Lady GaGa; a little more can’t hurt.

I love the faster versions of her songs as much as I admire her piano versions. GaGa’s musical talent really shines in these performances.

Put Me To Sleep

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Oh, Emmy Rossum is still making music?

Emmy Rossum — Deeply Moving [click to watch, embedding impossible]

I liked her first [and only?] single but got tired of it after awhile, and this one doesn’t seem promising either. Rossum has the advantage of already being a celebrity, so she should have the resources necessary to make good music, and she does have a good voice, but this 22-year-old is as vanilla as Mandy Moore was a decade ago, and I’m not sure what audience she’s trying to reach by singing with such a high, airy tone.

The music video doesn’t help. The high quality is pleasant, but makes some parts seem fake, like she’s performing in front of  a green-screen, and although Rossum is pretty, she really is not interesting enough to carry this whole video til the end of the song. Booooring!

I wouldn’t mind if John Legend put me to sleep. And by put me to sleep, I mean put me to bed, and by put me to bed, I mean . . .

Anyway, I didn’t know he had a new music video out, but it’s exciting because it’s my favorite song from the album.

John Legend — Everybody Knows

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It’s interesting to note how many different couples he put in his video. White people, black people, old people, gay people. And at the end! Those shoulders! [!!!!]

I wish we gave it one more try — I wonder if you ever feel this way?

I guess this next video has been out for a while, but this is the first time I’ve seen it, though I’ve been in love with this song for some time. It’s kind of like John Mayer’s “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room” [which I just recently discovered] except not depressing.

Robin Thicke — Dreamworld

Vodpod videos no longer available.

He kind of looks like Pierce Brosnan. That’s pretty much the only explanation I have of my slight attraction to him; it’s not that he’s ugly, just not my type. The music video itself is boring, but I spent the entire 4 and a quarter minutes staring at him fantasizing about James Bond.

How Could I Forget This One?

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July 10, 2009: Bruno [NSFW]

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Borat was hilarious. I am definitely going to see this.


Will somebody please teach me how to sing like this?

Sweetness! Best line, from Simon: “It’s like a dog meowing.” Then, “Would I like a dog’s meow? I guess I would, yeah.” Also, somebody please get Mr. Pritchard a hairstylist ASAP. His hair needs to be like Amanda’s [the female judge], irresistibly silky and soft. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it [and by “it” I guess I mean both his hair and hers].

After watching handfuls of clips of this show, I still don’t know how it really works. I’ve never seen the judges reject anyone, mostly because I refuse to watch bad performances, but what happens to the people who go through to the “next round”? Is Susan Boyle going to compete in a semi-final or something? I don’t get it . . .

PS. Sorry for all the videos lately. But it’s finals week, what else would one expect me to be doing if not wasting my life & precious studying time on Youtube?

Mark Your Calendars

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Out now, in Asia: Shinjuku Incident

I don’t see a release date for the US, which is bothersome but ultimately unsurprising. I love Jackie Chan, although I don’t like seeing him in serious roles because that usually means something bad is going to happen to him [New Police Story was pretty scarring].

June 24, 2009: Transformers 2

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The whole traveling-the-world-looking-at-obscure-symbols thing is reminiscent of National Treasure 2, which wasn’t as good as the first one despite making lots of money. Anyhow, the plot screams CLICHÉ while the action looks fantastic as expected.

September 4, 2009: Gamers

A movie about video gaming? Intriguing. A movie about video games that features sexy Gerard Butler and awesome Michael C. Hall? YES. I could really do without the love story, though. Yes, people like being in love, and having something to live for, but most of the time I feel like that gets in the way of the action.

December 11, 2009: The Princess and the Frog

I can’t wait for this movie! This newfangled 3D stuff is fine and dandy, but I’ve been waiting forever for a decent 2D movie to come out. Why couldn’t they give Rapunzel the same treatment?

The only complaint I have about this one so far is that, well, before seeing the trailer, I didn’t know that the Princess [really? A princess from America? How will they make this feasible?] actually turns into a frog. I hope that doesn’t make up a huge part of the movie, because frankly, frogs are not attractive. And yes, I did watch the Brave Frog over and over as a child, but things were different back then. These days, I don’t have the time to sit through a movie with animals if they’re not going to be paralyzingly adorable. Life is short! Give me more kittens! Also, the frog-with-a-French-accent has been DONE [how could they top Jon Bob?].

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