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What’s up with artists sampling other people’s music nowadays? On the radio the other day I heard Sugar by Flo Rida, which uses part of Blue by Eiffel 65. Flo Rida’s other single, Right Round, also uses bits from another song, You Spin Me Round by Dead or Alive, although I prefer the Eiffel 65 version [Flo Rida’s lyrics are nasty!]. And it’s no secret that T.I.’s song Live Your Life samples the beginning of Dragostea Din Tei by O-Zone.

Although it might be nice to revisit past pop hits, I give them negative props for being unoriginal.

Speaking of music, I am currently loving Lady GaGa’s music video for LoveGame [it’s very sexual. Probably NSFW]:

It kind of sounds similar to Britney Spears’ Phonography, but a Wikipedia comparison shows that they have different writers, so I guess it’s merely a coincidence.


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