Perform Like A Man

March 28, 2009 § Leave a comment

This is the best thing I’ve learned all semester in Sociology:

The Pokot people in northwest Kenya expect both husband and wife will reach orgasm and if husband fails to please wife he may be punished. If failure to please the wife is thought to be due to adultery (a common event) the wife will enlist the help of women friends to tie the husband up while he is sleeping, then shout obscenities at him, beat him, and slaughter and eat his favorite ox before releasing him.

HAHA. I don’t generally condone violence, but I appreciate the progressive nature of this custom.

In other international news, clerics in Saudi Arabia apparently want to ban women from appearing on television. Um what?

In a letter to new Information Minister Abdul Aziz al-Khoja that appeared on websites this week, the 35 Islamic clerics also condemned the increase of music and dancing on television, as well as images of women in popular newspapers and magazines that they labelled “obscene.”

It added that the ministry had permitted the import of “obscene newspapers and magazines that are filled with deviant thought and pictures of beautiful women on its covers and inside.”

“There should be no Saudi woman on television, in any case,” they said.

“There is no doubt that this is religiously impermissible.”

Since I’ve started to read Jezebel less, I haven’t been as aware of gender issues in the media, but I had to post this. It’s a little extreme, though I don’t fully understand their culture so I’m obviously biased.


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