My 13-Year-Old Self, pt. II

June 6, 2011 § 5 Comments

Find Part I here!

This segment picks up in November of 2003, at which point I was a freshman in high school, struggling with Honors Algebra II Trig and having lots of crushes on lots of boys. I’m not including a lot of the stuff about boys because it is just too embarrassing LOL [& irrelevant].

As usual, grammatical mistakes are unchanged and comments are made in brackets!

Mardi 11/4/03

I got a 24/30 on my math quiz. I thought for sure I woulda gotten 6/30 … But Amanda got 21, Julia: 11, Lucy: 22, Bing: 19. I was proud of myself 4 doing better but not enuf to tell my parents. After all, a B- is still a B-.

Jeudi 11/6/03

I put sum (actually a lot) of that cherry perfume stuff in my hair this morning, for lack of something new to do. Then I looked at the ingredients. The first thing listed was ALCOHOL. I was like, wow. Went around smelling like booze all day. Ick. Good thing nobody else noticed. I feel so…blah…nobody talks to me. Bobby Wei, Carson, ppl online, the person whose sn is Hareluya74 that I suspect (but not hope) is Marco…

I think Alan Shen needs to get over me now…I mean, if he only looked like his beautiful bro …ah…

Kevin Yamashita found a picture of Mr. McCoskey online [he was our World History teacher as well as a track coach], taken probably 6 years ago when he was 20. He said he found it by typing “Tim McCoskey” on Google. I gotta try it. The pic was FUNNEE. [You can see it here.]

Vendredi 11/7/03

NO SCHOOL TODAY. Parent/teacher confs not good, cuz my parents only talked to Dwyer. Cleaned my room, so proud of miself. Daddy’s leaving Sunday. I can’t believe it. [I didn’t know that I actually missed my dad when he left on business trips.] Dentist tomorrow. Alex was @ Friday nite tonite, went wit us. Yay. Altho I wish he’d talk more … can’t think of enuff things to talk to him bout. Sat next to him during worship, he wasn’t even singing. Ah well… Richard was…implying things? At least not to me.

Alan Shen was being…obsessed over me??? Trying to memorize my phone #. If he calls me I’mma beat him up. He needs to stand up straight like his bro, or else he looks fat. But I know Alex is thin…sigh…and I know I’m not! [LOLOL.]

Samedi 11/8/03

Daddy’s leaving tomorrow morning. He might not be back for thanksgiving, and we’re having a party. (hope Alex is invited??) He might not be back for xmas. He might not be back for my baptism. SILENCE …

I didn’t see Alex today. I know it’s wrong, but my life is starting to revolve round guys again. What to wear. How I feel. Things like that.

Random quotation I wrote on the side of a page [probably from a book]:

“Nobody eats more than Midwesterners; it’s why they’re so fat.”

Lundi 11/10/03

AHHH I’M GONNA SEVERELY HURT JERRY LIN!! It was all my fault…I shouldn’t have given Alen Shen Jerry’s sn but I didn’t know they were, like, GOOD friends! ARRR!!!

So I went online. Alan immediately IM’d me, asked 4 Jerry Lin’s sn. I gave it to him. Then he was telling me to go to turkey bowl, and I was telling him how me n Yawen were hiding in the Kohmobile being cold and hungry. Then he said I could hide in HIS car, and I asked him when that would be. He said “in 4 years” and I told him I’d be in college.

He then said I should go to Tokyo University, making me all confused. Turns out he was talking about Love Hina!! err….rr.. As if we would ever fall in love. GR. Then he went on about us getting married and naming our first kid Kyle (why did I be so stupid last year?!) And I was talking to Jerry at the same time, and then Jerry said something about Tokyo. And I froze. I’m stupid, but not SLOW.

WHY was Alan talking to Jerry?? ARRR!! So Jerry kept making comments about me and Alan getting married EW EW EWW!!! Then priority #2 [my brother] said he was hungry, cuz mom had conferences. Eheh. So I had to go.

Vendredi 11/14/03 (HALF-DAY)

Agh so tired. I actually finished ALL my hw today. Wow. Talked to Martin, he did Marijuana over summer I was like, eww.

Nobody @ church 2day. Alex @ partai. Alan…eh, hu cares. Mr. Dwyer brought his guitar 2 math class 2day. Sang stupid songs for us, but then sang a kinda worship song for us that I loved. He said he wrote it. Ah… [I think he quit teaching math after that year, became a Spanish teacher, then went off to do missionary work.]

Anyways Mom drove us to church today so she stayed 4 adult bible study AHH embarrassing … and I hate it when I’m talking to my friends on the car and she just interrupts. I HATE IT. I’m never touching another potato chip again! I gotta promise myself. Totally binged tonite during small group. Quiet time. Tired.

Dimanche 11/16/03

Britney said she’s getting baptized this Christmas, 2. Yay. Xixi’s not, cuz she’s suddenly goin on vacation to NY. Aw…

Alan Shen bein a dork 2day. Feel repulsed around him…dont really understand. Mebbe cuz he’s not a prettyboy…but, well. [Perhaps I should mention here that he and I ended up going to Homecoming together and pseudo-dating for a while a year later >_>]

Becca says she got btized in 6th grade, @ another church. for someone hu is, she sure don’t act like it. Not that I should talk. Sometimes I remind myself of that horrible lady in “Fighting Temptations,” and I don’t like it. Today my mom reminded me more of it tho. She wuz talkin on the phone wit some other sunday school teacher lady and was saying how somebody was changed by God, but could still use some more changing, and I was like NO FUCK, MOM! Every1 needs to be refined, and she’s not perfect either. And then she talks about how much she can volunteer as a SS teacher, which reminds me of what I heard once about how you can do good deeds all your life but still be a bad Christian inside. And my mom was TRYING to sound modest but failing horribly. GRR.

Lundi 11/17/03

Ahh I love my mommy ok? Every1 has faults and she…well…see I woke up late this morning, actually she woke me up, then had to drive me there, and I got there wit 5 minutes to spare, and she wasn’t mad. ♥



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