Creepers Abound

March 17, 2010 § 1 Comment

At the Argyle Shopping Center with Susan & Valerie, I was leaning over a table of stud earrings looking for a specific design when someone reached over to the earrings beside me, grazing my chest. I barely noticed it since most of the shoppers there are women, but then I noticed that the hand belonged to a guy checking out the studs on the other side of me. Oh well, honest mistake.

It happened again, and this time I took a good look at him. He looked like a typical dude my age, not very creeperly and actually not too shabby looking [in face & wardrobe]. I didn’t say anything but made sure to back away from the table.

After paying for my earrings, I turned to go into the store behind me where Susan was buying some dresses. That guy happened to be in the store too, standing rather close to another girl who I assumed was his girlfriend. She left, though, and he started making chit-chat with us as the cashiers wrapped up Susan’s purchase. Susan was showing me a dress on the rack and the guy indicated the tiniest mini-skirt and said in halting English that it would look cute on her. “It’s way too short; how can anybody wear it?” I responded laughingly, wondering why he was trying to talk to us.

As we were leaving, he stood about a foot away from Susan and said while gaping down her shirt as his face turned red, “You…have a very nice body.” He sped away as we were left in bemusement. Valerie, who had been looking on this whole time, came over and we told her what had transpired. “Yeah, he was staring at both of your chests the whole time,” she said, which propelled us further into cringe territory.

His actions were obviously inappropriate, but we were so unprepared for this kind of situation that we couldn’t react in time to prevent it. Also, we’re simply not used to having to stand up for ourselves like that. But this is wrong: the next creeper deserves at least a reprimand if not a slap on the face.

Similar instances happen everywhere. I’ve been taking the same bus to work for a while now, and half the time it’s the same driver. Monday morning he stopped right in front of me, and I as prepared to greet him with a smile when I got on the bus, but he was clearly more interested in looking at my chest. Whatever…

I think part of the reason I’m not completely freaked out by the gaping is that I do it too, to guys who have particularly nice biceps or pants that nicely accentuate their bottoms. I’m a creeper too! But never a lewd one.



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