March 15, 2010 § 1 Comment

Saw Alice In Wonderland in 3D [non-IMAX] Friday night. Thoughts:

1. It actually didn’t require much thinking. The storyline is straightforward and does not contain many surprises.

2. This is the second 3D movie I’ve seen, and I wasn’t extremely impressed by either. It’s cool but a bit gimmicky and leaves me with a cross-eyed headache in the end.

3. Apparently lead actress Mia Wasikowska went to the same school in Australia as the friend of my floormate Paris. She’s 20 but easily passes for 16 in the film.

4. The one outstanding thing about this movie is the costume design. Every time Alice changes clothes, which is rather often for a short movie, we see a new and lovelier piece.

5. Alice gets kind of annoying, actually, because she keeps running away from everything.

6. The ending is kind of terrible, like they couldn’t bother to come up with something sensible or satisfying so they half-heartedly created something acceptably Disney-esque and left it as is. Then again, the movie doesn’t seem to be about the ending [if you know what I mean], so let’s not focus on it.

7. I didn’t like this as much as The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus; there is no emotional investment whatsoever in Alice’s situation.

8. My friend Kiran loved the film because of the three strong female leads going to battle, which is indeed a rare occurrence.

9. Johnny Depp, Alan Rickman & Helena Bonham Carter are forever awesome. Anne Hathaway is forever Princess Diaries, which is only slightly less awesome.


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  • Rbc says:

    #7 was totally my response as well!! Though the movie I watched was called ‘Alicia en el pais de maravillas’. :P However, I was kind of annoyed by the flimsy personality of Anne Hathaway’s character. The constantly upheld arms did not help.

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