I Can’t Not Share These

May 1, 2009 § Leave a comment

The advantage of reading the blogs of gay men is that we generally have the same taste in men [visually, at least]. So when I saw these vidoes on BambooNation, I was pretty excited.

For example, this unbelievable Nike ad:

I almost died.

This video is also lovely; it features male underwear models jumping around pointlessly [but beautifully] on a trampoline [there is also a full-length version]:

There was also little video of soccer players stripping off their jerseys that can be viewed here.

Is it okay for me to objectify people like this? Probably not. Can I make the excuse that since images of barely-clothed women are so prevalent, it’s only fair that I indulge in my own way? Again, probably not. However, I do believe that my reaction to seeing a hot guy differs from the reverse situation. My response is to usually just stare [subtly, most of the time] β€” I don’t go jack off later.

On Wednesday, my sociology class met in a computer lab at the library for an introduction to using the databases for our research papers. Because of the different environment, I was sitting next to people I don’t normally see [it’s a big class]. There was a guy sitting near me in shorts who had perfect legs β€” long and lean, with a defined calf muscle. I can’t describe them without sounding creepy, but he was definitely a runner. Flawless legs are pretty hard to find, so it’s a good thing I had heard the library research lecture twice before, because I really couldn’t pay attention [well, it was also boring as hale]. He had some sweet kicks too β€” Nike Shox, which I usually dislike, but he was really working them. They looked kind of like this, yet not exactly:

Nike Shox


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