Live-Blogging New Pokémon

March 23, 2009 § Leave a comment

Season: Battle Dimension [wtf? Does that even make sense?]
Episode: Hot Springing A Leak [heh, I’ve always loved their pun-filled titles]

This is quite literally the only thing on Cartoon Network other than Adult Swim that I can still stand to watch. Jeez, this channel went downhill.

The opening sequence is just not as inspiring as it used to be. And where did Misty go? Who’s this new girl? Whoever she is, she just walked all over her so-called “best friend.” Jerkface. Oh, her name is Dawn.

Ugh, the hot springs girl has 3 Swinubs. Never really liked that Pokémon.

Ash’s voice sounds slightly different, and a visit to IMDB tells me that the quite a few of the voice actors changed in 2006. Ash, however, is still voiced by a female. Why…did they do that?

The writing kind of sucks.

Holy crap! Brock’s voice got DEEP. Wonder if he grew out of his perpetual pervy-ness too.

Team Rocket is still as fruity as ever. Did their little song change?! Or was it just for this episode..?

Pikachu has a new move — Irontail! But it totally failed. What a disappointment. Surprisingly, Team Rocket didn’t even seem interested in stealing it. The good guys vs. bad guys battle was so uninteresting that I pretty much missed it when I looked down at the cheesecake I was eating.

The conflict is resolved already? What?? That was so lame!

Ooh, a tag-team battle. Boys vs. girls! The battle moves certainly have gotten a visual makeover.

The girls get their inspiration & tactics from their elementary school experience of beating up the playground bully. LOL.

Oh…my gosh. The battle ends in a TIE, making this episode even LAMER than it was before.

Now everybody is chilling in the hot springs. MAN there are a ton of Pokémon I don’t recognize anymore.

Okay…and now back to What Not To Wear. You’ve disappointed me today, Pokémon. But I’m still excited for Pokémon Platinum [which was released yesterday, apparently. If only I had a DS]!



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