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Although I don’t enjoy the path that Kanye West has taken with his latest album, I still watch his new music videos in hopes of finding something good. This is his most recent:

Kanye West — Amazing

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My first impression is that it looks like the video that plays in the background of every song on a bad karaoke machine — beautiful green or oceanside landscapes, usually with a woman walking around looking at flowers — AKA boring. The song itself is repetitive, and if Kanye writes his own stuff, he really needs to get back into rapping, because singing “It’s amazing” ten times in the same monotone is not even as interesting as the music that plays when you’re being put on hold.

I also thought it was amusing that Young Jeezy raps for part of the song. I know that sometimes rappers like to collaborate with one another, although when rappers duet it’s usually with a vocalist, a group to which Kanye really does not belong. Why couldn’t he just rap for his own song? I miss the way he spits out rhymes. I do enjoy the piano & tribal drum mix, although I could do without the animalistic yelps in the background.

Katy Perry also has a new music video out, and I like watching hers as much as Kanye’s because I find them both to be rather attractive people and interesting to look at.

Katy Perry — Waking Up In Vegas

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What happened to the thumping bass that I fell in love with from “I Kissed A Girl”? With each new single, Katy Perry’s songs seem to become more banal, kind of like Kelly Clarkson’s new music. These lyrics are uninspired — how cliché is the idea of getting crazy in Las Vegas? After it’s been dragged out into a romantic comedy feature film, it should really be laid to rest. Even the video is boring. Katy’s dude is ugly, and while she looks as wide-eyed and kooky as ever, nothing much happens [although I did chuckle when she surreptitiously eats somebody else’s leftovers].

WTF, Eminem

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The freaky video, the accent…this is all very strange [and slightly NSFW for gory content]. I can still appreciate his shirtlessness, but I liked his previous song better.

Eminem — 3 a.m.

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Look At What I’ve Been Looking At

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Sometimes I wonder if watching images in the crystal-clarity of HD is better than seeing them in real life. The super-HD slow-motion achieved by this SprintCam v3 is making me lean towards a yes…

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Does anybody else have an aversion to Judd Apatow movies? CollegeHumor successfully points out their flaws in song form:

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Lately I’ve been irritated at the amount of “quiz results” and “top 5” lists that are popping up on my Facebook newsfeed — I know that Facebook is a time-waster from any angle, but those have to be the worst of all Facebook extras [including buttons, stickers, poking, food-throwing, etc.] because it’s so utterly useless. Who CARES which Disney princess you’re like? Or which evil dictator in history you could be?? Those superfluous questions were fun in middle school, okay?

Anyway, I’ve seen a lot of “Top 5 People I’d Like To Punch In The Face.” If I were to make one, T-Pain would definitely be on that list. People who cannot sing should not be able to make a career out of singing. It simply doesn’t work:

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The humor of Japanese people really has no bounds. They’re able to be hilarious without being vulgar, as evidenced by the prolific game shows that can be seen online or on TV late at night. If you’ve ever wanted to see frightened children fighting off a lethargic zombie, this is your chance:

Bike parkour? It seems better for your body than the regular stuff. I recommend starting at 2:50.

I Can’t Not Share These

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The advantage of reading the blogs of gay men is that we generally have the same taste in men [visually, at least]. So when I saw these vidoes on BambooNation, I was pretty excited.

For example, this unbelievable Nike ad:

I almost died.

This video is also lovely; it features male underwear models jumping around pointlessly [but beautifully] on a trampoline [there is also a full-length version]:

There was also little video of soccer players stripping off their jerseys that can be viewed here.

Is it okay for me to objectify people like this? Probably not. Can I make the excuse that since images of barely-clothed women are so prevalent, it’s only fair that I indulge in my own way? Again, probably not. However, I do believe that my reaction to seeing a hot guy differs from the reverse situation. My response is to usually just stare [subtly, most of the time] — I don’t go jack off later.

On Wednesday, my sociology class met in a computer lab at the library for an introduction to using the databases for our research papers. Because of the different environment, I was sitting next to people I don’t normally see [it’s a big class]. There was a guy sitting near me in shorts who had perfect legs — long and lean, with a defined calf muscle. I can’t describe them without sounding creepy, but he was definitely a runner. Flawless legs are pretty hard to find, so it’s a good thing I had heard the library research lecture twice before, because I really couldn’t pay attention [well, it was also boring as hale]. He had some sweet kicks too — Nike Shox, which I usually dislike, but he was really working them. They looked kind of like this, yet not exactly:

Nike Shox

Chitter Chatter

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Yesterday in journalism lecture, we talked about what Twitter means for the field of journalism. I couldn’t help but think about how stupid the conversation sounded.

I tweeted during the week. If you’d like to re-tweet that, you could. Who still hates Twitter? There’s an application called Tweety [Tweetie?]. I enjoy using programs like twurl.

Thanks for making us sound like morons [twits? twittards?], Twitter!

At the beginning of the semester, our teacher asked us to create our own Twitter accounts, which is why I have one. I’ve experimented with following different people, most of whom are friends, but also celebrities like Lady GaGa and Lily Allen. I stopped following Anderson Cooper and Ashton Kutcher because they update so often that anything else I was subscribed to got lost in the deluge of their hourly tweets. I started following Shaquille O’Neal after reading a story about how two people found him in a diner via his Tweets and how he was totally cool and personable, and he’s definitely interesting to follow even though I don’t even know what team he’s on.

A surprising number of my classmates voiced their dislike of Twitter, saying that they were uninterested in reading the mundane details of their friends’ lives, or that they already spend so much time online that they could not stand adding another source of information to sort through [teacher called this e-fatigue].

I, on the other hand, am happy to have another outlet. My core internet use consists of 5 sites: Gmail, Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, and more recently, Flickr. I like that Twitter is kind of like a Facebook status that less people will see — I feel free to be more dramatic or random, and can write things that I feel like I need to say but won’t raise inquiries or comments like a Facebook or Gchat status would [mostly because I know less people who use Twitter].

As for using Twitter as a journalistic device, I’m not sure. I definitely prefer to access news in other ways, but I’m sure that there is some way that news organizations could utilize Twitter to benefit themselves. I’m just not particularly interested in that solution.

That’s Why They Call It The Blues

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The summer before college, I heard the term “sophomore blues” at large group during the night dedicated to preparing us graduated seniors for university life. The meaning of the phrase that I procured was based on the fact that freshmen get babied by older students and courted by just about every campus organization. The next year, nobody really cares about you anymore. Classes become significantly harder, especially when one is switching majors on a weekly basis, and people expect you to fend for yourself.

Roomie #1 and I have both encountered sophomore blues this year, which led us to have many, many conversations about the past, ranging from childhood to high school, anything to escape the unexpected hell of the present.

I would have to say this school year sucked more than the last one. What with adopting literal nocturnal habits [I am REALLY good at staying up until sunrise now], a 7-8lb weight gain, and being more cut off from friends because of increasing school work, I would definitely not like to relive sophomore year.

O Boy O Boy O Boy

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Although Harry Potter’s bath scene in Goblet of Fire made me squeal, I’ve always thought Ron Weasley was the cuter of the two.

The trailer:

And this comment summarizes my thoughts exactly:

HBP Comment

I loved the 5th book, but the movie was vastly underwhelming, and experiencing that after the boredom that was the 7th book just killed my inner HP fire.

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