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May 7, 2009 § Leave a comment

Although I don’t enjoy the path that Kanye West has taken with his latest album, I still watch his new music videos in hopes of finding something good. This is his most recent:

Kanye West — Amazing

Vodpod videos no longer available.

My first impression is that it looks like the video that plays in the background of every song on a bad karaoke machine — beautiful green or oceanside landscapes, usually with a woman walking around looking at flowers — AKA boring. The song itself is repetitive, and if Kanye writes his own stuff, he really needs to get back into rapping, because singing “It’s amazing” ten times in the same monotone is not even as interesting as the music that plays when you’re being put on hold.

I also thought it was amusing that Young Jeezy raps for part of the song. I know that sometimes rappers like to collaborate with one another, although when rappers duet it’s usually with a vocalist, a group to which Kanye really does not belong. Why couldn’t he just rap for his own song? I miss the way he spits out rhymes. I do enjoy the piano & tribal drum mix, although I could do without the animalistic yelps in the background.

Katy Perry also has a new music video out, and I like watching hers as much as Kanye’s because I find them both to be rather attractive people and interesting to look at.

Katy Perry — Waking Up In Vegas

Vodpod videos no longer available.

What happened to the thumping bass that I fell in love with from “I Kissed A Girl”? With each new single, Katy Perry’s songs seem to become more banal, kind of like Kelly Clarkson’s new music. These lyrics are uninspired — how cliché is the idea of getting crazy in Las Vegas? After it’s been dragged out into a romantic comedy feature film, it should really be laid to rest. Even the video is boring. Katy’s dude is ugly, and while she looks as wide-eyed and kooky as ever, nothing much happens [although I did chuckle when she surreptitiously eats somebody else’s leftovers].



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