Why Am I Not Watching This Show?

May 15, 2009 § Leave a comment

Oh, right, because NO modeling reality show is worth watching without the HBIC, Tyra Banks!

After the jump, some [NSFW] pictures from Make Me A Supermodel. From what I can tell, it looks like the male version of American’s Next Top Model? If you click the link to the whole gallery, be warned that some of them are actually kind of ugly [and one of them really really needs to mow the lawn, figuratively]. What! Get them off this show!

And if you are under 17, don’t you dare click on either the link above or below, because I promise you it’ll bore your underaged eyes to tears. If you are a straight man or a lesbian, this probably won’t do much for you either. And if you struggle or have struggled with a sex or porn addiction, then you should probably just leave now. Go check your email or something.

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I Can’t Not Share These

May 1, 2009 § Leave a comment

The advantage of reading the blogs of gay men is that we generally have the same taste in men [visually, at least]. So when I saw these vidoes on BambooNation, I was pretty excited.

For example, this unbelievable Nike ad:

I almost died.

This video is also lovely; it features male underwear models jumping around pointlessly [but beautifully] on a trampoline [there is also a full-length version]:

There was also little video of soccer players stripping off their jerseys that can be viewed here.

Is it okay for me to objectify people like this? Probably not. Can I make the excuse that since images of barely-clothed women are so prevalent, it’s only fair that I indulge in my own way? Again, probably not. However, I do believe that my reaction to seeing a hot guy differs from the reverse situation. My response is to usually just stare [subtly, most of the time] — I don’t go jack off later.

On Wednesday, my sociology class met in a computer lab at the library for an introduction to using the databases for our research papers. Because of the different environment, I was sitting next to people I don’t normally see [it’s a big class]. There was a guy sitting near me in shorts who had perfect legs — long and lean, with a defined calf muscle. I can’t describe them without sounding creepy, but he was definitely a runner. Flawless legs are pretty hard to find, so it’s a good thing I had heard the library research lecture twice before, because I really couldn’t pay attention [well, it was also boring as hale]. He had some sweet kicks too — Nike Shox, which I usually dislike, but he was really working them. They looked kind of like this, yet not exactly:

Nike Shox

Kings Or Queens

February 12, 2009 § 1 Comment

Over the weekend, Roomie #1 and I turned to VH1 and saw a reality show that was completely unexpected:

Drag queens.

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