Pork & Socks

January 20, 2012 § 10 Comments

Last Saturday, I was able to meet up with four former study abroad classmates from HKU + two other girls.

From left: Cathy, Winnie, me, Kathy, Christian, Danny

Cathy, originally from mainland China, is back in HK doing her Masters. Kathy, who graduated from Cornell, is working in Shanghai. Christian and Danny are both from Australia. Winnie, a friend of Danny’s, grew up in Hong Kong but now lives in Australia. The photographer was Yi, Danny’s cousin, who teaches at Hong Kong Baptist University (and apparently studied at Yale?? I only heard fractions of that conversation). Everyone except Cathy and Yi were only in HK on vacation and departed with the weekend.

Fun fact: Christian and Danny showed up wearing the exact same cardigan (unplanned). Which they had bought together at H&M (allegedly). From the back, they looked exactly the same that day (can you tell?). I mean, I thought it was pretty bad whenever LC and I happened to wear similar colors to church, but we never took it to their level! That’s true destiny ♥

We had lunch at some hole-in-the-wall place in Wan Chai known for their barbecue pork, which was indeed delicious.

Also known as “char siu”

The duck wasn’t as tasty :(

After lunch, we took the scenic route to the pier (not because we got lost or anything >_>) and ferried over to TST to do some shopping. The boys had to pick up some tailored shirts (presumably also matching), so the C/Kathies and I did some shopping on our own. My first interesting discovery was a pair of…Mary Jane socks. Who would actually wear these???

Seemed like a good idea on paper…?

I bought some minimalist socks that are good to wear with flats — so cheap! Only $5HK each:

Easily mistaken for thongs when they’re not on your feet

Without fail, Hong Kong’s streets are exceptionally crowded on Saturdays, so we wandered into a less-densely-packed mall for some respite from the teeming masses. The first shop greeted us with a hilariously inappropriate display:

Click for uncensored plastic genitals Ken wishes he had

I also snagged a cute handmade bag to tote my camera around in!

Underneath it is the scarf I bought

Because Kathy adores HK food, we visited quite a few snack shops. I found these in a bakery:

Do Koreans…really eat that?

After exhausting ourselves (and our wallets), we met back up with the rest of the group for some coffee and chit-chat. Alas, it was sad to say goodbye to my friends, but they had to return to their respective countries and carry on with their lives. I, in turn, shall continue my adventures here in Hong Kong. The next blog post will be about a mundane yet troublesome topic…

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