Among The Luddites

July 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

I had a nasty cold for four days. The day I got sick, people treated me very well, bringing me medicine and fruit and asking after my health. After telling them I was still feeling unwell even after a day of lying around generating snot [the internet wouldn’t work until 6PM], a handful of individuals identified the origin of my illness with complete certainty: the air conditioning.

Ah, yes. Evil technology!
“It’s bad to have it blowing all the time,” one said. [I don’t.]
“I saw with my own eyes a previously healthy girl confined to a wheelchair because of constant air conditioning,” another told me. [Um WHAT. Okay…]
“It’s really better not to use it,” the last one advised.

Seriously, that guy. After seeing that I still had a seriously drippy nose a few days later, he glanced up in the corner of my room where my air conditioner was languishing and said, “You really should leave it off.” WELL OF COURSE, I HAVE A COLD, WHAT KIND OF RETARD WOULD I BE TO INDULGE IN AIR CONDITIONING UNDER THESE CIRCUMSTANCES??? Sadly, he was not the only person to insinuate this about me.

While I don’t doubt their good intentions, there’s nothing I hate more than being talked to patronizingly — I shut down immediately, smiling and nodding and wondering how to tell them that the cold is actually a virus that I probably caught because I’m cooped up inside with people 24 hours a day instead of, you know, outside or something. No, it can’t possibly be germs! Definitely the a/c.

Whatever. Let them keep their drinking-hot-water-cures-everything remedies to themselves. I was probably just grumpy from being sick.


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