Oh My Lobe

June 4, 2010 § 2 Comments

Ever since becoming a fan of SHINee, I’ve started liking stud earrings more than dangling ones [they wear them a lot]. Ever since coming to Hong Kong, I’ve started wearing stud earrings more than other kinds because the variety here is fantastic. And ever since I decided I wanted a third earlobe piercing, I’ve been buying stud earrings almost obsessively.

I literally could not stop looking at the things while shopping today with Rosaline. We went all the way out to the mall in Kwai Fong where she got her ears pierced two weeks ago; I wanted my new piercing as soon as possible. When Ros got her virgin ears done, she opted for needle instead of gun, which is rare and seems kind of outdated but apparently is healthier. Alice told me some horror stories of blood clots and infections, but I decided to go with gun because Ros said needle hurt like hell  [it was also more expensive & took longer].

We found the little tattoo & piercing parlor, which had big photos of strange body piercings on the exterior. Gulp … not a good first impression. I chose a little star stud, which cost all of $15HK [literally $2 US o___o]. While we waited for the lady to get ready [and finish her cigarette?], I peeked at the other side of the case and saw that none the ends of the studs were sharpened.

“How is that supposed to go through my ear?” I wondered.
“Maybe she’ll sharpen it?” Ros postulated.

[This seems to happen quite frequently.]

I sat down in the narrow space of the shop, and the process was over in less than two minutes. The gun snapped, shoving the rounded end of the stud into my earlobe. [WHY???]
This was definitely not the safe experience I had with my mom eight years ago in the brightly lit space of Limited Too, where my ears were pierced with needle-sharp studs and I might’ve gotten a lollipop afterward.

I winced with pain and blinked my eyes with shock for a few moments afterward. It didn’t just sting, as I had expected — it hurt. I felt my ear getting red and tried not to think about it. Being in a shopping center distracted me adequately, but I still needed to buy a watermelon boba to calm myself down and ice my flushed earlobe.

It’s over, but I still cringe a little every time I think about my poor ear being impaled with blunt metal. I don’t regret it, but I wouldn’t recommend it either. I also wonder if this has ever happened to anyone else I know :(

Welcome to the family?

Some earrings I got in mainland China to give away :)

SO CUTE!!! These haven't been claimed yet if you want them~


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