Things I Miss About Mizzou

February 9, 2010 § 1 Comment


1 The proliferation of Macs: Most of the computers at HKU are Dell, and they all seem to be at least a few years old — dusty and bulky. There are a couple of computer labs on campus, all of which are filled to capacity at any given hour. This wouldn’t matter to me but for the fact that remote printing does not exist at HKU. The only way to print is to log into a computer on campus, which might be near impossible depending on how many students are [infuriatingly] surfing Facebook in the computer lab. Additionally, the computers in the library take literally five whole minutes to log in, which is simply baffling. Is HKU hurting for money? Can they not invest in some better computers? The campus seems to be advanced, but this printing issue [as well as the completely non-centralized course registration process] reveals that HKU is still technologically lacking.
Anyway, the computer labs I frequent at Mizzou are much more advanced [and less crowded!] than the ones here, and I will no longer take that for granted.

2 ACF [Asian Christian Fellowship]: I’ve spent the past two and a half years building and attending the same fellowship, and recently it has started to feel like a genuine family. This kind of love is difficult to replace, especially in a place where the main Christian fellowship on campus is strictly Cantonese-speaking.

3 Wal-mart: Need I say any more? Sure, Hong Kong is definitely not lacking in shopping, but it’s so hard for me to find what I need in their stores. Not only am I unfamiliar with the places, most of them are crammed to the brim, which is bad for my attention span and also makes it impossible for me to find hangers. Seriously, the first time I went to Wellcome [deliberately spelled incorrectly? Don’t know, but it’s the closest equivalent], I found a bunch of cheap hangers, but the past three or four times I’ve been there, I cannot track them down again.
Thus, the majority of my clothing is still in my suitcase, which lies on the ground at the foot of my bed. This lifestyle is okay with me, but one of my roommates has expressed her dissatisfaction with its presence. Well, aren’t I entitled to the six square feet of space at the end of my bed? It’s not my fault it’s in the middle of the room; I didn’t get to choose my bed :(

4 Flat land: Mountains are cool and all, but it’s a bit ridiculous to have to take two long sets of stairs and then an elevator just to get from the entrance of campus onto the actual campus.



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