January 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

Not amused.

On Wednesday, I went to the ATM on campus to withdraw some cash. Although it was not an ATM affiliated with my bank [Bank of America/China Construction Bank], I didn’t feel like traveling a mile to get to my actual ATM. Everything went hunky-dory until an error message popped up on the screen.

“Your card has been retained. Please take the receipt and inquire within the bank.”

I took the slip of paper offered by the machine and entered the bank, worried that it might spit my card back out at the next person in line. After looking at the receipt, the teller told me that my card had been reported lost, and I would have to return the next day to retrieve it because they only empty out the machines at night

What a pain! I still had around $300HKD left, which I figured would last me until Thursday, so I went home only slightly frustrated.

The next day, I missed my morning class, so I took a trip to campus specifically to recover my debit card. Once I got into line, I realized that I had forgotten my passport in my room, so I offered the teller [a different person this time] my driver’s license instead.

She was reluctant to accept it, but after I explained my problem, she told me that because my card had been reported lost, they CANCELED IT, and I wouldn’t ever be able to get it back.


Thankfully, it was only a temporary debit card — I had just opened a new account with Bank of America, and my permanent debit card was supposed to be coming in the mail. I was perturbed and frustrated but not too worried about my situation, although it did mean that I wouldn’t be able to do any shopping for a few days.



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