At Last

January 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

I just got back from watching Avatar [thanks for taking me, Philip!], and my mind has been blown. [It was my first 3D movie!] It’s a little late to write a full review, so I’ll just share my thoughts briefly.

1. Holy cow, they are beautiful. There aren’t a lot of butt shots, but the men wear these little thongs…

2. The big red dragon [Toruk Makto] resembles a Pokémon: a cross between a Latias & that thing on the cover of Ruby.

3. I understand that the frustrating corporate forces are part of the story, but it’s unoriginal and one-dimensional. That colonel’s character is difficult to believe.

4. Na’vi, like Vulcans, are seemingly perfect life forms that we think we want to be, but do we really? Could we really live that way after existing in the attention-deficit, irreverent universe that is 2010?

5. It’s all a bit self-loathing. Yay the humans are dying/losing!

6. Like for Jake, this fantasy makes real life seem trivial.

7. I’m glad American movies generally are guaranteed a happy ending.

8. I was thinking of joining Archery Club at HKU before watching this film, and now that I’ve seen it…how could I not try it out?



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