Roommates AT HKU

January 14, 2010 § 1 Comment

To make blogging more manageable, I’ve decided to do shorter, topical posts instead of lengthy ramblings. Here goes!

For the past year & a half, I’ve been living with two roommates while at school, though off-campus. This, however, is my first time in a dorm with two roommates. I believe ours is the only triple on the floor, and thus our room is significantly larger than the others that I’ve seen.

Because I was the last one to move in, I was stuck with the middle bed, which is a strange situation for me because I always sleep by a wall. So far it’s been good, though three girls with long dark hair tend to shed a lot.

One of my roommates, Rosaline, is from California, and she’s been here since last semester; she enjoyed HKU so much that she extended her stay when she was supposed to graduate a semester early. She also speaks Cantonese, which allows her to be doubly helpful whenever we go out. Although she seems to be a rather unassuming person, she’s gone out almost every single night since I’ve gotten here, so she’s quite the social butterfly. Rosaline likes Kpop, which is always a plus, though her tastes are more akin to LC’s: Big Bang, Siwan/Kyuhyun/Donghae, Taecyeon & dramas.

My other roommate, Nadia, is from Denmark, where their education system differs vastly; she’s a college senior at the age of 27, which is apparently normal over there. Danish is her first language, but I didn’t even know because her English is quite good. Nadia is half Danish and half Thai, and she’s had a lot of experience traveling to different places, so she’s good to go out with as well. Her boyfriend, who is apparently coming to visit during Easter, is Irish [I think she told me he’s 12 years her senior?], so I’ll hopefully get to meet him sometime.

Both of my roommates are open and easy to get along with, so I don’t think we’ll have any troubles this semester. They also have a good balance between talking and sleeping, which I appreciate.



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  • Ezra says:

    Interesting. I’ve been in a triple twice. The extra space is definitely a plus. We’ve always arranged our beds/furniture so that the space in the middle is empty, making the room spacious.

    You have cool rommates. I have never had bad roommates, and some of them have been quite good, but never as diverse are you’ve described.

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