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Why must life be filled with so much regret?
I trusted them — I trusted both of them
But I am learning once again
That I cannot depend on people.
That I am in control of nothing.
That despite pretty words and deep kisses,
He can turn his back in an instant.
And despite heartfelt promises and nearly half a lifetime of friendship,
She will do exactly the same.
I am numb with anger.
He was the one who helped me recover from the unwanted one,
Yet he is the one who turns my bitter heart blacker.
Was it love? No.
Was there potential for the future? Not really.
But he kissed her and did not have the decency to tell me,
Pretending to be my friend this whole time
As if it had never happened.
There are suddenly so many people I have to forgive;
I could not look them in the eyes
Even if they were not three hundred miles away.
He and she really disappointed me.
I wish none of this had ever happened,
But life does not rewind.
I can only endure each passing moment
As I wonder how things always turn out like this.


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