In The Garden

August 11, 2009 § Leave a comment

You know you have Chinese parents when you think you’re being sent outside to pull weeds, but are actually commanded to get rid of the plentiful mint and basil growing near the flowers and cucumbers. I hovered over the plants for a few minutes, wondering what to do about the situation, but I eventually got to work uprooting them, if only to show my mother that I am capable of doing a good job.

When my dad first told me that we had them growing in the backyard, I was elated. Who doesn’t love having access to fresh herbs? But then he continued, “I’ve been thinking of getting rid of them.”
Well, neither of my parents cook with mint or basil. I didn’t think he was serious, but there I was, developing blisters on my gloved hand from pulling out the roots. At least it smelled good. I also unearthed a few worms, which I had to block out of my mind; I’ve always abhorred the disgusting, writhing creatures.



As my legs & back ached and sweat dripped down my face, I wondered how anybody could enjoy gardening as a hobby — I have zero experience with it. I also wondered if the previous owners of this house spent time deliberately planting the mint and basil. This stuff doesn’t grow there naturally, does it?




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