Tired Of Using Technology

August 6, 2009 § 2 Comments

Recently, almost every piece of technology that I own has been malfunctioning. This has caused my blood pressure to spike to abnormal levels due to the immense irritation.

1. The display on my iPod has been broken for a few months now [I think I dropped it one too many times]. It still plays music, but the screen just has a bunch of lines like a barcode. I used to be able to fix this problem by holding down the Menu & center buttons, but a few days ago this stopped working as well. So now my iPod is literally just a big Shuffle. I don’t particularly mind, but the unfortunate thing about using Apple products is that they can’t be fixed, they can only be replaced. Since my iPod is no longer under warranty, the guy at the Apple store could only offer me 10% off of a new one. I guess I’ll wait until this one dies completely…

2. Speaking of my iPod, the charger now looks like this:

This is just not right.

This is just not right.

The morning we left Boston for Canada, I left my laptop on the bed while my iPod was charging to go downstairs and fill up some water bottles for mother. While I was gone, my idiot brother jumped from the couch onto the bed, knocking my laptop over the side and bending my iPod charger in the process. Amazingly, it still works, but I’m certain it will not last any longer than my poor iPod.

3. The week before we went on vacation, I took a trip with my church college/career group to Starved Rock, where we had a picto-scavenger hunt. My group used my camera for all of our pictures, but somehow right after we took the last picture, my camera gave me the error message, Please reinsert memory stick. I did this about 30 times over the next few days but to no avail. Since our precious pictures were on it, I could not try to reformat the card, which is what I believe I need to do to fix it. So I bought a new one and am waiting to try the broken one on my friend’s card reader.

4. One of the first days we arrived in Boston, something happened to Firefox and it crashed. This isn’t unusual, but when I reopened it, my bookmarks were all gone. WTF, I thought. I reopened it a couple more times with the same results, so I deleted it and re-downloaded Firefox. This time, it wouldn’t even open. I had no idea what was going on. Frustrated, I decided to go back to using Safari, which I like infinitely less. After that crashed on me multiple times as well for no reason, DC suggested I try Camino, which is what I am using now. He described it as “like Safari but it doesn’t crash.” The former is true but the latter is not, unfortunately.

The only thing that hasn’t failed so far is my phone. I’m waiting for it to explode when I least expect it..


§ 2 Responses to Tired Of Using Technology

  • lucy says:

    ngl you just made me feel infinitely better, as i am the owner of a broken laptop power adapter, external hard drive, and probably a lot of other things with my laptop. i’m convinced that technology crumbles in my hands. it makes me wonder if i chose the correct field of study…

  • Philip says:

    LOL! I am having a trip in east coast and will end up in Boston next Wednesday :)
    The card error one I dunno if you have checked the lock on the memory card yet. From what you are saying I have no idea if you camera fails or your memory card fails. The failing rate of flash memory cards is extremely low (that’s why some companies give the lifetime warranty), usually people would suggest that your camera failed to read your stick.
    Seems like you should not use any products of Apples, they are so fragile to you…

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