Worth Celebrating

June 10, 2009 § Leave a comment

In honor of my brother turning 13 today, I would like to start out this post with a little insight into his life:

FB larry

I saw that on my Facebook feed two days ago. After recovering from my initial shock at seeing my brother curse in such a public domain, I proceeded to comment on his status, reprimanding him for his language. I checked back a few hours later to see if any of his other friends had commented after me, and discovered that the twerp had deleted my comment!

FB larry2

Nothing like a little shame, eh? Fine. I got the message. Clearly, my reproach is unwanted. Well happy birthday anyway, little punk! I hope he enjoys the $30 skater hat I bought for him [he had better wear that thing like it’s glued to his head].

Continuing on with the Facebook statuses, here are some more that I found coincidental in recent months:

FB confusedWhat was baffling everyone, I wonder?

FB so hungry

Ha ha if only practical, immediate advice were available every time I had a problem.

FB ribs STL

Obviously, those St. Louis ribs were delicious & worth discussing.

Coincidences occur on Twitter as well:

Twit apple

I have no idea what was going on, although as a Macbook user I suppose I should be more in the loop.

Twit gym

The gym is a popular place; I should really go more often.

Lastly, this ONTD comment just made me LOL in real life:

ONTD bisexual comment


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