Homeward Bound

May 17, 2009 § Leave a comment

Going home soon. Usually I’m ecstatic to head back to Nville, but this time my excitement is tempered by many things.

For one, the vast majority of my friends from home are going to be scattered across the nation [or globe]. I may literally have nobody to play with, or I’ll have to make some new friends pretty quickly. As for those who will be in Nville, XZ will be working in the city every weekday, and LC is still undecided on whether to come home or take summer classes in Chambana. There’s no boyfriend to look forward to either [at this point, I really wouldn’t mind having a summer fling. Hmmm but where to find a viable candidate?].

I used to hate being stuck in Missouri [AKA Misery, middle of nowhere]. But I’ve come to realize that I agree with what AM said: being in this environment is much more stimulating than being at home. Despite the restrictive size of this town and my lack of vehicle, there are still new things to experience all the time, new projects to work on, and new people to meet. There are different groups of friends to hang out with instead of the same [beloved] group of friends from middle/high school.

And the thing that I will miss most for sure is the freedom I have here. I am one month from turning 20, and my mother still imposes an 11PM curfew on me at home. Unbelievable.

One thing that I realized recently was that in some ways, I feel more comfortable around my friends here than at home. I feel less judged here at school. I don’t know if it’s because my other friends were from high school [kids are always up to no good] or because we were all Christian — it’s probably a combination of both. There’s always a danger, of course, in getting too complacent [I sure have become a full-fledged pottymouth this year], but I’m enjoying not having to look over my shoulder with every word or action. Anyhow, I’m looking forward to a summer of tennis and [hopefully] Ticket To Ride. Come to me, tank-top-and-shorts weather!



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