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April 6, 2009 § 1 Comment

I’ve come to realize that Korean music is pretty awesome. It started with Jung Hyun Lee, who my cousin in China loved [she would copy her pinky-finger-point while singing & dancing during karaoke], and then I started listening to Loveholic, Wonder Girls, BoA, DBSK, and others. My favorite has to be Tae Yang, though, due to sheer sex appeal. The boy is fiiiiine [and he’s in my age range!]:

Tae Yang1

When I first saw the music video for Prayer on ONTD last year, I dismissed him as some random Asian dude. I don’t remember how exactly I rediscovered him, but I am immensely glad to have done so.

His song 죄인 [translated as either Prisoner or Sinner…it’d be helpful I could read Korean] has always been a favorite of mine, but I didn’t think to look up the English translation until recently. I originally mistook it for a love song, but boy was I wrong. In fact, the lyrics resonate with me much more than I thought:

Now if only China could manufacture some quality dance music [I’m open to suggestions!], I’d be set.


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