Dangerously Cheesy

February 4, 2009 § Leave a comment

Roomie #1 had to watch the Superbowl commercials as homework for her advertising class, which is how I ended up watching the game on Sunday. I actually hate watching sports on TV, but I decided to accompany her anyway. Besides, people talk about the commercials for days afterwards so I figured I’d see which companies spent millions of dollars for a little airtime during such an iconic American event.

We really enjoyed this Doritos commercial:

All of the Doritos commercials made me intensely hungry. I don’t usually like eating chips but I can pretty easily finish one of those huge bags of Doritos in one sitting. Why are they so addictive?!

I wasn’t particularly fond of this Cheetos commercial:

When did Chester Cheetah get so old? I love Cheetos, but that ad didn’t make me want them. After seeing the second Cheetos commercial, I was a little irritated that Cheetos was so fond of portraying women as petty bitches. My craving for Cheetos remained likewise indifferent.

After some time spent on YouTube watching women as well as men participate in cheesy vandalism, I’ve discovered that the company is promoting some campaign called “Orange Underground,” dedicated to “random acts of Cheetos.” What the heck? Wikipedia says that this is in order to target an adult demographic, which I suppose makes sense in light of previous Cheetos advertisements. But I still think these are pretty stupid.

The commercials for Chuck in 3D were annoyingly prevalent, but the sing-along ad for Monday nights on NBC was rather enjoyable, especially at 0:23.

Otherwise, the game was as boring as I expected it to be. It didn’t help that I was physically drained, but I just can’t care about football. It seems so pointless to me.


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