Oh My Super Girl

September 22, 2010 § 4 Comments

This is me eating forever

I’ve been asked more than a handful of times to think of a superpower I would like to have.

The romantic-nostalgic side of me wants the ability to fly — as a child, I had multiple dreams of taking off through the air and floating above neighborhoods and buildings. The sneaky side of me wishes for telekinesis, so I can play tricks on people à la Matilda.

The answer I give most often is “the ability to control time.” Remembering all the missed deadlines and utter sleeplessness of last fall semester is enough to induce this response. It’s practical to be able to take naps whenever I want and to always have enough time to travel from point A to B.

If I actually had a genie in front of me to grant the wish of a superpower though, my real desire would be this: super metabolism.

I would love to have energy all the time, to not get cold as easily, and most importantly, to eat as much as I want without suffering negative consequences. I could say it’s because I love food [especially chocolate], but I think the real reason is because I have very little self-control. I made a humongous pot of curry last night, which I’m eating now for lunch, and it’s so delicious [I love making curry] that I just want to keep eating it…which of course my stomach won’t allow. I have guy friends who lament their metabolisms because it keeps them from gaining the weight they want, and I can only seethe with jealousy upon hearing their woe.

But if I were to vocalize this before a group of people who I’ve probably just met [the “superpower” question always comes out during icebreakers], their first thought would be: this woman is a pig. LOL. So I stick to the safe and generally self-explanatory responses instead.


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