Saving Fish From Drowning

June 13, 2010 § 3 Comments

An excerpt from the end of Amy Tan’s novel, found near the end and what I thought was the most beautiful part of a very beautiful story. You don’t have to know what the book was about; you just have to know.

Dwight sensed what Roxanne was thinking. The thought of his marriage’s ending both scared and saddened him, but he could not tell her that. Early in their relationship, he had wanted to protect her — emotionally — and he knew that she needed that, even though she appeared strong to others. But she had rebuffed his efforts, maybe unknowingly, and he felt useless, then a stranger, alone. She wanted so little of him. He wasn’t as smart as she was, not as strong, not even as athletic. Her disdain had been evident on this trip. She never wanted his help or suggestions. If she didn’t reject his ideas outright, she was quietly unsupportive. He could see it in her eyes. She was tender only when he was weak, when he was sick.
—pg. 453


Relatedly, an official [lol] photo from my cousin’s wedding, about which I have yet to write:

Why do I look so stupid?



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