Until Lambs Become Lions

June 6, 2010 § 1 Comment

This is going to be a short one because I actually didn’t really want to see Robin Hood, but we were already in the theater with no other options and at least Cate Blanchett [probably my favorite actress?] was a supporting character. I’m just not a big fan of Russell Crowe [not into the old, grizzly type], and as Kathy said, the trailer makes the movie look bland. But it wasn’t! So read on:

1. Robin Hood is raw, gritty even. For what it lacks in polish, it makes up in quality, and even though there was nobody to ogle, I’d have to say this is much better than Prince of Persia. The budget was probably a lot higher too…

2. The romance is slow & meaningful, and it was not disgusting to watch them kiss…which of course they did.

3. Cate Blanchett makes a much better couple with Russell Crowe than Brad Pitt. They actually made my heart thump, and I’m always dazzled by Cate’s beauty; she has a face worth going to war for [only relevant because someone said yesterday that Diane Kruger was not worthy to play Helen of Troy].

4. I’m pretty tired of Mark Strong [aka evil-looking bald man] playing baddies. He should switch to comedy or drama, spice things up a bit.

5. This film made me kind of miss learning French. But I could understand at least half of what they said…

6. Why do both kings wear colored contacts? This bothered me a lot.

7. The battle scenery is amazing; horses and metal flying, but at the same time I’m reminded of the terrible waste & destruction of life.


9. When I was thinking about the movie a few hours later, I honestly couldn’t remember how it ended. Then I finally recalled that the end was more like a beginning, and there wasn’t much resolution but it was a good setup for a sequel … if they ever make one, that is.


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