The Man In The Shiny Red Suit

May 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

You know procrastination is at an all-time high when you decide to go watch Iron Man 2 in the middle of finals week when you have overdue work that hasn’t even been brought into existence yet. Yet! That’s what I did. The two people that I talked to about it beforehand that had seen it already both told me it was bad, so my expectations were pretty low. I think that’s why I enjoyed it so much. That and the fact that I was so glad to be able to see a movie normally, without those wretched 3D glasses sliding off my face.

1. Iron Man is dying. This situation reminds me of Mad Eye Moody’s impostor, always drinking some mysterious liquid in an attempt to stay alive. What exactly was Tony Stark drinking anyway?

2. I hate the evil geek caricature. Justin Hammer got way too much screen time. And why was his speech pattern so stilted? Who actually talks like that?

3. Okay seriously how much Botox has that senator guy had??? LOL. His face was so unnatural:

4. It was really weird to see DJ AM posthumously :( moment of silence please.

5. I still don’t understand why Rhodes took the suit. Was he trying to punish Stark? … ??

6. I had totally forgotten that Samuel L Jackson is in this movie! But of course he would play the magical black man with the cure for Iron Man’s problems. Of course.

7. This sequel reminds me of the most recent 007, in which the plot is not as riveting as the first, but we do manage to dig deeper into the psyche of the main character. Perhaps part of the reason why my friends did not enjoy it?

8. DANG IT I ALWAYS get so worked up over those touching father-to-son speeches. Why am I like this??

9. Is any of this science-speak real? I’m glad I don’t know anything about chemistry/physics, otherwise this whole “I discovered a new element!” thing would probably bother me to no end.

10. At the end of the day, Tony Stark is just a boy with big toys trying to be a man.

11. As always, Iron Man 2 is a visual orgy of futuristic technology and metal-on-metal clanging. And I love it.

12. Scarlet Johansson is pretty good as an action heroine, though her skin-tight suit was really reminiscent of Fantastic 4.

13. The end came a little too quick, a little too easy. But the film is not about the villain; this one’s about the man. And his lady.

14. The Avengers??? This is going to get bigger??? …!!! Very excellent.

15. The very end is very anticlimactic. Make sure you stay until the verrrrry end, AKA after the credits, for a sneak peek into what will probably be the next film.


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