Sometimes You See Two Rainbows

April 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

In our quest to watch a Hong Kong film while studying here, Rosaline & I [and others] decided on Echoes of the Rainbow, which won some film award somewhere, because apparently HK movies usually suck [their words, not mine]. This film takes place in the 60s era of HK, and we [of course] watched it with subtitles.

1. Cantonese is known as an abrasive, shouty language, but when spoken softly, it can sound just as whiny as Korean.

2. Aarif Lee. In short shorts. Running. Jumping over the camera in slow motion [did I mention short shorts?!?!?]. I almost passed out from sheer excitement. [LEGGGGGGS!!!!!]

3. Why are Chinese movies dubbed? It’s weird and annoying. Can they not afford microphones? Alice [or someone] suggested that it’s because HK is too noisy. In any case, it’s bothersome when the lips don’t match, because then all the vocals sound too studio-recorded and fake.

4. Aarif Lee has a beautiful profile. He’s like the upgraded version of Wang Leehom [although Leehom has a nice profile too].

5. I can actually recognize the street names in this film!

6. Aarif Lee plays a moody, lovestruck teenager well [he’s 22, according to Rosaline, but I can’t find a bio]. The goodbye scene was actually acted genuinely, and as somebody who has said goodbye too many times, I really identified with it.

7. Like any Asian drama, it’s not good until someone gets diagnosed with an incurable disease and/or dies.

8. Aarif Lee’s love interest has crooked teeth, which is very bothersome.

9. It’s amazing to watch two people [the parents] love each other. Love is better communicated without words and without sex.

10. I cried. There are some uber-cheesy moments, but most of it is about the down-to-earth struggles of a poor family.

11. THEY GOT AARIF LEE TO PLAY THE GROWN UP VERSION OF HIS YOUNGER BROTHER THAT IS SO WRONG. It literally ruined the mood of the entire movie — so gauche it was hilarious.


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