November 13, 2009 § 2 Comments

A Chinese boy band that has relatively good music, good vocals, a non-dreadful music video AND is actually…attractive? This kind of anomaly must be documented!

A-ONE (昆虫组合) — 你撕碎了我的心

Anybody who reads my blog would probably surmise that I hate all Chinese music, which is not true — my standards are low because of how much the music industry of the motherland has disappointed me. I’m not absolutely in love with A-ONE, but I am pleasantly surprised enough to learn more about them and perhaps download some songs.

One complaint I have is that they all have the same hairstyle, which is detrimental to anybody trying to learn their individual identities. Seriously, a basic element of having a group of less than six is making it possible for the consumer to differentiate between members. I’m mostly irked because I couldn’t figure out the names of the cuter ones. Also, said hairstyle has so much product in it that it doesn’t move, which is unpleasantly reminiscent of the ’50s beehive.

One of the members caught my eye when I browsed other sites in an effort to learn more about them:

于洪军 A-ONE

Oh my gosh. He — 于洪军 — is absolutely beautiful. I am captivated. Unfortunately, I still had a difficult time discerning which one was him in their group pictures; they need new stylists. The Chinese name of the group basically amounts to “Insect Band,” and they all have insect nicknames. I think his is Butterfly Prince, ha ha ha.

I wish I knew where to find stalker forums for Chinese musicians so I could find out his age [and favorite foods, address, etc etc…kidding].

[For a miserable failure of a music video, click here. I actually kind of like the song apart from the male voiceover, but the video is completely irrelevant and reprehensible. It’s like Pussycat Dolls dancing to High School Musical.]



§ 2 Responses to A-ONE

  • will says:

    why with the autotune!!…guess its only with 2nd guy
    you would think with the billions of people they could produce a few more quality bands

    • auradis says:

      ugh I know right? Korea is churning out group after group (of relatively good quality) while Chinese people still only listen to Taiwanese pop stars…it makes me sick

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