September 8, 2009 § Leave a comment

One of the classes I’m taking this semester is Magazine Editing, a major part of which is grammar, because it’s impossible to effectively edit writing without being knowledgeable in the rules of the language.

Spelling and grammar have always come naturally for me because of the sheer amount of reading I did in my younger days. I am guilty of silently judging people who can’t spell — I will never forget when Roomie #2 wrote “whipped” when she meant “wiped” in a FB message — but I also have great respect for those who can carve out beautiful sentences. Because grammar is mostly instinctual for me, I’m not terribly good at diagramming parts of speech and such, so I am learning quite a bit in this class.

While showering on Sunday morning, I had Eminem’s “We Made You” stuck in my head. One line from the chorus kept repeating in my mind: We’re the ones who made you.

I suddenly found myself trying to identify the different parts of the sentence: The independent clause is “we’re the ones.” “Who made you” is not a phrase but a dependent clause, and the “who” makes it relative. What the hell am I doing?

I don’t think I want to do my capstone in magazine editing, but I’m certainly well on my way there should I change my mind.



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