Chasing Cars

September 2, 2009 § 1 Comment

The laptop has not yet been fixed, but I felt compelled to share this story.

My current place of residence is a house located in the neighborhood behind frat row. The fraternities face College Ave., a four-lane street that makes up the eastern border of campus. there is a great migration of students across this street every morning, most of whom don’t bother walking down to the stoplights. I will probably get hit by a vehicle one of these days while crossing, but until then, I will take the more efficient [though illicit] path.

Yesterday as I stepped onto the street, a policeman drove right past me on the other side. We made eye contact. I know jaywalking isn’t a criminal offense, but I still felt awkward.

I forgot about this incident until this morning, when I noticed that there were two guys wearing reflective vests — crossguards, essentially — sitting right across College Ave. at the exact spot I had crossed yesterday.

Crap, I thought. Crappity crap.

Was there a correlation? I didn’t bother finding out. What if they ticketed me for jaywalking? How embarrassing. I really hope they are gone by tomorrow.

UPDATE: MU Student Hit While Jaywalking


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