Highly Recommended

August 21, 2009 § Leave a comment

I remember liking the trailer for Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day when I saw it last year but forgot why. I finally got around to watching it this week, and I must say that my first impression was not disappointed at all.

It isn’t extremely often that two women are the major characters in a film; Amy Adams and Frances McDormand show that it should really occur more often. Although Adams’ character seems like a hyperactive, indecisive, high-pitched squirrel, I found myself liking her much more than her character from Enchanted.

Although this movie is a comedy that involves relationships, it definitely does not classify as a typical romantic comedy. Miss Pettigrew is a period piece featuring accents and impending war. Most of all, it isn’t about romance, it’s about true love, as well as the very real insecurities of unemployment and anonymity.

I have already described my love for Lee Pace, but it’s worth repeating that he is a fantastic actor who also happens to be extremely handsome, which distinguishes him from my other male celebrity infatuations, who generally only possess good looks. He definitely sealed the deal on this movie; my strong bias makes me think that I wouldn’t have like it half as much if he hadn’t been in it.


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