June 29, 2009 § Leave a comment

On Thursday, I changed my Facebook status to this:

FB M.Fox

It has the potential to be misinterpreted, so I would like to explain my thoughts.

I don’t have anything against Megan Fox. She is a…unique person who says some unusual things, but she has done nothing to make me dislike her. What annoys me is the attitude that she brings out in boys & men [and some women] of all ages, who semi-joke about going to see the Transformers sequel in IMAX just because of her. Okay, she’s a very attractive woman, now get your hand out of your pants and MOVE ON.

This movie is not even close to being about Ms. Fox, yet she evokes more daily conversation than the entire rest of the film. This isn’t about me being jealous about her beauty, so don’t even go there; it’s about me being frustrated and tired of the insipidity with which males react to her relatively minor onscreen role. Talking about how hot she is in the movie is like beating a dead horse with another dead horse that you killed with the first dead horse.

As a side note, I would really like to see Megan Fox doing some acting outside of standing around looking pretty. I think she could at least make a pretty kickass action heroine along the lines of Shoot ‘Em Up or Wanted, assuming she can actually act. Speaking of which, I noticed while watching Transformers 2 that she speaks in a voice that is very reminiscent of Paris Hilton’s fake baby voice. I hope that’s not her real voice, because it’s very grating [then again, if it’s not her real voice, why the heck would she talk like that??].


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