Tastes Like Bacon…I Hate Bacon

June 5, 2009 § Leave a comment

I was sitting at my desk at 1:37AM trying to suppress a sudden and severe craving for Noodles & Co Mac and Cheese when I stumbled upon an antidote. The emptiness in my stomach remained, grumbling at me, but my desires for food fled.

Do you see that? Look closely. Those are ants. Giant toasted ants. And they apparently “taste like bacon.” Want more?

How about ants in your lollipop? They purportedly will give you an “energy boost.” Can you imagine handing these out at Halloween?

Or perhaps you would prefer Mopani worms?  They’ll make an “interesting addition to dinner parties!” Sure, if by “interesting” they mean “I would only serve them to my mortal enemy or an annoying pest that I wanted to never return to my house.”

There are more selections like this at Edible.com, including reindeer paté [which I would actually consider eating] and weasel coffee [regurgitated by, not made from]. I will eat many things but I will never eat insects. I know they’re healthy, but they are by far too disgusting to even consider.



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