April 16, 2009 § Leave a comment

These are all the things that have brought me some sort of amusement in the past couple of weeks.

Somebodies somewhere searched for these and somehow wound up here:


I don’t believe that I have ever written about hot dogs, or hot dog shaped words. But they are delicious.


Okay, so I wrote about penises once. I wonder if the hot dog/penis searches were related?

I love coincidences, and with people’s Twitter posts right next to each other and Facebook following suit, sometimes related statuses end up next to each other [I believe both pairs were strangers to one another].


HAHAHA. I must say, I more often empathize with the bottom person.

What was everybody waiting for?

I get these emails from About.com, most of which I don’t read [I really hate the layout of that website], but this caught my attention [I don’t have a good photo-editing tool, so please excuse my crude arrow]:


Heh heh, please excuse my immaturity. I’m sure this misspelling was accidental [every season is pr0n season, is it not?].

David Crowder of the awesome David Crowder Band referenced auto-tune in a recent blog entry, although he mistakenly accused T.I. of using the program. I brought this to his attention, and he actually responded! Seems like a cheap thrill, but I was delighted to have my existence acknowledged by a relatively famous [and super-talented] person:


I was also very excited to see that, in the episode of Gossip Girl from March 30th, the Humphrey family plays Sequence! I love that game!


Also in that episode, I noticed that the shoes that Jenny wore at her party looked extremely similar to a pair that I bought recently:



I doubt that they’re exactly the same, though. But I was excited for the minute that I thought they were. [Also: that dress looked much better on the hanger than it did on Jenny. I would say it’s shapeless, but it’s a triangle, so it indeed has a shape. It just was not as flattering as I thought it would be. Love the shoes though!]


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