Meet Mini-Me

March 16, 2009 § 1 Comment

I’ve realized that I haven’t posted about video games on this blog yet, which is amazing because you don’t know me until you know how much I love Nintendo. I mean, I’m certainly not a super-fanatic [if I had the money, though, I’d be all over that], but I am deeply in love with my Wii.

At Walgreens over the weekend with Roomie #1, we were browsing the candy aisle and checking out the balogna and hot dog gum when my gaze fell upon a candy dispenser shaped like a Wii controller. OMG! It looked exactly like the real thing! Here is a comparison:

Wii Controllers

It’s so cute!!! I immediately knew that I had to have it. The fact that it dispensed candy was negligible; I just wanted a mini Wii controller. Unfortunately, none of the buttons actually press down except for B, which shoots out a Smarties shaped candy. The battery compartment does open, though. It fits, um, a battery. Or backup candy?

It came with a couple rolls of candy, two of which were labeled “Bubble Gum Smarties.” The taste is alright but the gum consistency is inferior. The two other rolls of candy, called “Au’some Candy Roll“, was literally the worst candy I’ve ever had other than black licorice. Some candy tastes wonderful, some taste just alright, but this candy tasted straight up NASTY. The website looks cute, but I urge you to never buy it. You would regret it.

In the meantime, my mini Wii controller is just hanging out uselessly until I buy some SweeTarts.


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