Oh Nasty

March 8, 2009 § Leave a comment

I woke up early this morning [9AM is early if you sleep at 4AM!] to attend the last day of the Missourian multimedia workshop that I’ve been working on this whole weekend. My partner and I worked in the editing lab from 10AM-1:25, then headed upstairs to the large room to watch other people’s projects as well as our own. It was 3PM by the time the workshop ended, and I was starving from not having eaten all day.

I was supposed to meet another partner for another class at Memorial Union at 3:30, so I ran back to the apartment, grabbed a hoodie and my Starbucks gift card, and headed over to Mem U.

I got there early so that I could buy something from Starbucks to munch on. It was a toss-up between food or hot chocolate, but in the end the need for solid food won. I ordered a plain bagel and a butter croissant – mmm, carbs. The crossant was delightfully huge, so I tackled that first. When I opened the paper sleeve containing my bagel, I discovered that I had actually been given a glazed donut instead.

Some people might have been pleased, since I’m pretty sure that a donut would cost more than a plain bagel, but I was slightly upset. Although I have an enormous appetite for sweets of many kinds, I do not eat donuts. They just don’t taste good to me; it’s probably because I don’t like deep-fried food. I thought about returning to Starbucks to exchange my pastry, but then my partner appeared and so I decided to just eat the darn thing.

Bad idea.

It was disgusting. I mean, I kind of wolfed it down without noticing because I was so hungry, but then I realized that it was just horrible. And now I have a stomachache, which is really no wonder because I discovered that a Starbucks glazed donut has 410 calories. What the freak?! Gross. But a plain bagel has 430 calories, apparently [but much less fat, obviously]. Um what?

Ugh. Anyway. Lesson learned. I will never go near another donut again. Not worth it. And next time I will SHOUT MY ORDER so they don’t get it wrong. Jeez!



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