Panties In A Bunch

March 2, 2009 § Leave a comment

There aren’t many things that can compare to the anti-depressant powers of shopping. I love even grocery shopping, the feeling of walking into a store packed with choices, picking up the things that I need and picking out something new to try.

Some women love buying shoes. Some own a huge collection of jeans. I love buying underwear. New clothes always make me happy, but nothing lifts my heart like putting on a new pair of panties. If I had the money, I would have an enormous underwear collection.

I am not sure why this is. Perhaps it is due to the fact that I never really owned cute underpants as a child, and now I am subconsciously compensating for the deprivation of my youth.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure where to buy quality panties other than Victoria’s Secret, as much as I loath the brand. I just need cute underwear that is durable, comfortable, and low-rise, which I know I can always get for 5/$25 at VS Pink.

There aren’t very many specialty underpants stores within reach. Gilly Hicks? I would really prefer to never enter that place. It feels weird shopping for panties in other stores; I feel uncomfortably vulnerable picking out underwear while everyone around me is shopping for shirts and pants.

On the topic of shopping, my three most recent shoe purchases have been online. This is a departure from tradition, since it can be risky to buy things without being able to try them on first, especially shoes. However, most websites have free shipping both ways, which assuaged most of my fears regarding sizing.

It is also important to do one’s research on a shoe before purchasing it. I read through many pages of reviews from different websites before making my decisions, and I am very happy with my choices.

My first was a BCBGirls Paige flat, like the following except in hot pink:

BCBGirls Paige

The reason I ordered it was because was having a promotion where I received $20 off my next purchase. How could I resist?

Next, I bought a pair of ankle boots, since it is not advisable to wear flats or pumps in the snow of winter. Meet Kassy, by Rampage:

Rampage Kassy

Lastly, I desperately needed a pair of weatherprooof winter boots. I had my sights set on a pair of white Puma Berlins:

Puma Berlin

The $140 price tag threw me off, though, and I began to search elsewhere. I randomly tried on a pair of Sporto Gojo boots at Macy’s with my mom, and after some research online, decided that they were perfect for me [Macy’s didn’t have my size so I had to order online].

Sporto Gojo

Encouraged by my success, I’ve already chosen my next purchase:

Miss Me Bootie

SO HOT. I will own them someday.



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