Hunt Chris Brown

September 22, 2009 § Leave a comment

This parody of “Run This Town” is brilliant. Not only are the lyrics and vocals redone well, the acting and directing are also of good quality.

Affion Crockett – Hunt Chris Brown


Shoes Off In The House

June 1, 2009 § Leave a comment

Unless I’m dead tired, it’s pretty easy to make me laugh in the wee hours of the night. This is simply a delight, especially considering how repetitive and stupid the original song is [and how much I love parodies]:

Shoes In Asian Homes

Somebody spread the word, please: living with an Asian person usually means that shoes come off at the door. It hasn’t been easy these past two years at college, living with Roomie #1 and #2, who are both white and do not come from families where shoe removal is required.

I laughed at the first appearance of the two ripped guys in tank tops [0:32] — totally unexpected, and they look so serious! That definitely drew me in [yum Asian boys with big guns]. Then I could not stop laughing at 2:45 during the little interlude; such shenanigans are reminiscent of the Back Dorm Boys. The one in the black tank top [is it okay for me to call it that? I don’t like the term “wifebeater”] is really cute, which makes me happy that there are more videos! This one is also hilarious:

Asian Boy Just Wanna Eat Rice

Their dancing/hip thrusting reduces me to LOLs every time. Also, why does the one in the grey shirt look so unnaturally orange when he eats rice?

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