All In A Row

April 17, 2009 § 2 Comments

Tuesday was the second time that I drove in Columbia. It was also the second time I had driven in Columbia using somebody else’s car for the first time [don’t think about that one too hard; it makes sense, I promise].

This time, I drove Roomie #1’s car home from the bank after we went to the mall. Who goes shopping on a Tuesday, you ask? Well, it certainly was a nice almost-mid-week pick-me-up. At the bank, I exchanged my $20 bill for some quarters to feed the parking meters since her on-campus parking spot is located literally a mile away from where we live. I was going to borrow her car the next day, so I needed to become accustomed to her vehicle [I’m thankful that people trust me with their cars, but there’s no reason not to, since my record is spotless].

We planned to leave the car at a meter overnight, which meant that I had to try parallel parking for the first time since junior year of high school. When I say parallel parking, I mean parking-on-the-street-between-two-cars, not simply rolling up next to the curb [if I couldn’t do that by now, I might as well ride a bike for the rest of my life]. This created some unease within me, especially a fear that I might crack under the pressure of having Roomie #1 in the passenger seat watching me as well as the potential for there to be a whole line of cars behind me trying to pass as I fumbled around on the street [it was rush hour, after all].

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