What If…

September 20, 2010 § 4 Comments

Today while drifting off at some point during my 7 hours of meetings/worship team practice, I started thinking about the Internet. How does it actually work? I mean, we use it all the time, but what is it actually made of? Like, all these web pages exist in some void we have to have an Internet connection to see. So it’s like they’re floating above the clouds, and we have to have Jack’s beanstalk to reach them.

What if everybody on Earth lost Internet connection for life except one person?

Would that be like if all of New York’s population suddenly vanished, leaving only one? That person would have the freedom to do anything, but it would be incredibly lonely. The Internet allows us to connect with anybody except maybe those in China or North Korea, etc., and losing all of it would be like wandering around a completely deserted city. Web pages would sit un-updated. Youtube video views would only go up as much as that single person watched them.

Would that one person eventually get tired of the vacant space and drop out of the Web too?

What if the Internet just…stopped?


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