Of Mouse & Woman

June 24, 2009 § 2 Comments

“There’s a dead mouse on the driveway,” my mom said to me when she got home today. “Do you want to clean it up for me?”

In my head, the part of me that has an intense fear of dead things [necrophobia] shouted, “WTF NO!”
But the part of me that wanted to suck up to my mom because we got into an argument last night over the stupidest thing and the part that deep down, feels like she doesn’t love me as much as my brother and so I have to win her love by being the obedient older child said, “Uh what?” And I ran outside to take a look.

It couldn’t possibly be that tiny speck on the driveway?


Poor thing.

It was the saddest thing I’ve seen all day, and it was indeed tiny — about the length of my pinky. I was charmed by its cuteness [sure beats cleaning up dead flies], but still had to try very hard not to think about what I was touching when I disposed of it with my hand in a rubber glove in a plastic bag, then tied up in another plastic bag.

It looked like it had just suddenly dropped dead on the driveway, but when I put it in the bag, it started bleeding from a wound on its back. I think one of our neighbor’s cats probably got to it and left it for us as a present.


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