Shorts III

73 The Ocean Maker

Manages to build a world and create believable tension — plus it looks really good.

72 The Wheel

Thoroughly engaging with fantastic production, like Dr. Seuss for adults.


You never know what you’ll find beneath the subway, especially when there’s a fox involved.

70 Dubstep Dispute

Well I guess that settles that. This should appease all the dubstep naysayers.

69 Out Of Sight

The animation is absolutely, toe-curlingly adorable. The only issue I have is that I’m pretty sure nobody would let a blind girl walk a dog. That is just cruel!

68 Mission Chinese

Don’t take cooking lightly. This one is pretty amazing.

67 Go Right

Never stop moving forward.

66 Crazy Watering Can

All hail the watering can! Long live the watering can!

65 The Scream

Bet you’ve never seen the background story of Edward Munch’s famous painting before.

64 The Story of Sushi

How much do you know about that raw fish on your plate? And how much guilt should you feel about it?

63 Red

Little Red Riding Hood the way the Grimm brothers would’ve liked it.

62 Protéigon

The wonders of paper & stop-motion animation! The most outstanding thing about this video is how well the visuals work with the soundtrack. Unfortunately, my six years spent studying French give me no insight as to what the title means.

61 Chorebot

I don’t trust robots. And how does that guy go to work (presumably) wearing just a t-shirt and carrying nothing but his tablet?? Amusingly, the dog is a better actor than the humans in this video.

60 Das Tub

You never know what you might find when you go sailing. Or who might find you…

59 Jean-François

The impressive thing about animate short films is how many of them convey a story without the use of dialogue.

58 The Arctic Circle

Life lessons come in all kinds of mysterious packages.

57 A Stop-motion History Of The World

I’ve been wanting to try a stop-motion video lately, and this one provides inspiration with its charming graphics and clever…ball…apparatus.

56 Gift of the Night Fury 

In which our Viking friends from How To Train Your Dragon celebrate Snoggletogg [which frankly sounds like a festival dedicated to kissing] and learn a little bit about dragon habits. The other shorts from the DVD are Legend of the BoneKnapper and Book of Dragons [currently unavailable].

55 Today Has Been Weird

Based on a true [and tragic] story. Sometimes vlogging can solve murders.

54 Perfect Date

I wish my boyfriend was this perfect. Kind of.

53 Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn

This is actually a music video, but the animation & song go so well together that I had to include it here.

52 Mobius

The idea of this one isn’t completely new, but the production quality is superb.

51 Moving Day

I expected something like Miyazaki’s My Neighbor Totoro, but this turns out to be something much different. The soundtrack for this one is great.


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