Thanksgiving in Woodstock, NY

December 2, 2017 § Leave a comment

For Thanksgiving this year, J decided to book a surprise trip for us (I knew we were going, just not where). It was a short vacation — just two nights — but we made the most of our time.

We left early Thursday morning and started driving north. Along the way, we stopped at Jorge’s Kitchen for breakfast. The place looked like the inside of a gas station, but more spacious (and much cleaner) with some actual seating.

There were fridges full of drinks and racks of chips, but there was also a menu full of sandwiches, and we saw signs for pizza and wings. Our breakfast sandwiches were hearty and delicious.

After a bit more driving, we finally made it to Hotel Dylan, a cute boutique hotel in Woodstock that embraces the iconic music festival, but with a cute hipster aesthetic.

The main office was in a separate smaller building that also housed the gift shop. 

Among all of their Woodstock-themed merch and other hippie products, they also sold our favorite TonyMoly sheet masks, which I thought was a hoot.

We stayed in the Cocker room, which was cozy and had a photo of the singer on the wall. I had no idea who he was prior to this and did not become a new fan after listening to his music, haha.

We tried using the record player to listen to one of J’s favorites — Supertramp — but the device wasn’t working quite right, so we had to resort to newer technology.

The bathroom was surprisingly spacious, though terribly designed.

As you can see above, there’s tons of floor space, but virtually NO counter space. The sink barely had enough room to fit a bar of soap, and that little shelf was not big enough to fit everything needed for two people.

There were zero towel racks (the bars on the wall near the toilet don’t count, ew), just two hooks behind the door, all the way across the bathroom from the shower. All the clean towels were in a basket under the sink. What the heck? With a bathroom this big, why not install some big, gorgeous counters?? I’d like to have some words with interior designers the Novogratz about this ridiculous bathroom.

For Thanksgiving dinner, we had an early (3:45PM) reservation nearby at the Red Onion. The restaurant was poppin’, though I did notice that (as was the case with quite a few other establishments we’ve visited upstate) I was the only POC in the house. If we ever decide to pack up and move to a cute little town like this, I would have to deeply consider that aspect.

Anyway, Red Onion was offering a traditional Thanksgiving dinner alongside its usual dinner menu. I asked if I could get mine with only dark meat (turkey breast is usually garbage), but they said no :( so I opted for a duck entree instead, with a delicious sardine appetizer.

The portions were surprisingly enormous, like Cheesecake Factory size. J’s mashed potatoes were a mound bigger than my fist, and the amount of duck on my plate was twice as much as I’ve ever gotten at a restaurant in NYC.

The food was quite good, though mine was somewhat underseasoned (a complaint I rarely have as I’m normally sensitive to salt); it was certainly enough to tide us over until later in the night when we dug into a pie that J had brought from home. The funny thing is, the pie was from our local Whole Foods, baked by a company called Bread Alone, and later that night we discovered that Bread Alone has an actual cafe in Woodstock!

The next morning, we drove up to Sweet Sue’s in Phoenicia for pancakes and more.

J got a little greedy with ordering :) My cornmeal pancakes were delicious but not that aesthetically pleasing, so here’s a photo of my strawberry lemon ricotta pancakes from our previous trip…drool. If you’re ever hankering for a stack of pancakes, this is the place to be.

The bathroom is also a fun place to leave a temporary note.

Afterward, we finally were able to explore Woodstock, which we found very charming (and full of other tourists like us!). Luckily, the weather was just perfect.

We certainly did our part to contribute to the local economy, buying bits of everything from books to candles to chocolate. I was fascinated that the tea store sold mainly (or only?) Harney & Sons tea, which was just in every restaurant during our trip upstate. They clearly have good hold of the market in the area. I also couldn’t figure out what was up with those painted candles. Like, how? And…why?

Read about our stay the following night at the whackiest hotel in the country!


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